Quote: Neither fearing nor embracing complexity for its own sake

Going forward I hope to summarize the advice on model derivation provided in some of the popular mathematical modelling textbooks. I knew Fred Adler had a Calculus textbook for biologists and so I visited his website to figure out the exact title of the book. And I found this quote:

The Adler lab group brings together empirical and mathematical approaches to study a wide variety of problems. We neither fear complexity nor embrace it for its own sake, but rather face it with the faith that simplicity and understanding are within reach.

This is another brilliant quote. I like that they don’t fear complexity. Adler concedes that biological problems are complex, that this is the reality, and that it’s a reality to embrace. The end part is inspirational: understanding is within reach – how can you not love mathematical biology after that?

Figure 1. A grad student quantitatively expresses some practical concerns and is hesitant to embrace additional complexity.

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About Amy Hurford

I am a theoretical biologist. I became aware of mathematical biology as an undergraduate when I conducted an internet search to learn about the topic. Now, twelve years later, I want to know, what is it that makes great models great? This blog is the chronology of my thoughts as I explore this topic.

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