Survey on mathematical training for ecologists

The International Network of Next-Generation Ecologists is conducting a survey on mathematical training for ecologists. I just filled it out. It was quick and easy, and so if you care about this issue completing the survey would be time well spent.

HT to the Oikos Blog by Jeremy Fox for making me aware of this. The Oikos blog is fantastic and has some highly relevant posts that I hope to discuss in the near future.

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About Amy Hurford

I am a theoretical biologist. I became aware of mathematical biology as an undergraduate when I conducted an internet search to learn about the topic. Now, twelve years later, I want to know, what is it that makes great models great? This blog is the chronology of my thoughts as I explore this topic.

2 thoughts on “Survey on mathematical training for ecologists

  1. This survey is probably going to sample a pretty non-random fraction of ecologists. I bet quantitative types will be much more likely to fill it out.

    • Very true Jeremy. We try to account for this with a couple of questions in the survey that gauges each participant’s feeling towards quantitative methods.

      We’ll see how that goes.

      Peter Jørgensen
      INNGE Working Group

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