Blogging for MPE 2013

On the Mathematics of Planet Earth (MPE) webpage there is a call for bloggers. This is a great initiative and one that I would love to see really take off. There are already some good mathematical biology-related blogs out there:

and the MPE initiative is likely to bring more attention to blogging around the topic of mathematical biology.

Here at Memorial University of Newfoundland, as part of MPE, we are proud to be hosting the AARMS Summer School on Dynamical Systems and Mathematical Biology. This summer school consists of 4 courses over 4 weeks from July 15 to August 9, 2013. These courses can often be transferred for credit at the student’s home institution and will be taught by leading experts in each of the focus areas. The city of St John’s offers a vibrant downtown, urban parks and walkways, and stunning coastlines. More information to follow.

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About Amy Hurford

I am a theoretical biologist. I became aware of mathematical biology as an undergraduate when I conducted an internet search to learn about the topic. Now, twelve years later, I want to know, what is it that makes great models great? This blog is the chronology of my thoughts as I explore this topic.

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