This blog is about mathematical modelling in biology. Creating a great mathematical model has been described as an art. Mathematical models should be simple, but not too simple, and the skilled mathematical modeller strikes this balance every time. This blog discusses the philosophy of mathematical modelling. I will highlight different examples of mathematical models that succeed on a very high level. I will provide my own insights into what has allowed these models to succeed and, whenever possible, I will draw together themes to paint a more complete picture of what it is that makes great mathematical models great.

I started this blog, not because I am an expert on the topic, but to facilitate a discussion of successful mathematical modelling, and I welcome other ideas and perspectives. I encourage you to comment on my posts and please contact me if you are interested in writing a post as an invited Contributor.

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    • Hi Jane,

      I have added a link on the RHS under the calendar, but I had thought that clicking the blue ((. icon in the toolbar would allow you to sign up for RSS too. I hope this works okay for you. Thanks for tuning in!

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